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April 22, 2009 / GoTime Blog

Take a STAYcation: Tulalip Resort (and Casino)

What if I told you less than one hour north of Seattle is a luxurious (yet affordable) getaway?  Mere minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the all consuming city life, lies a land where customer service is premium, attention to detail is paid in full,  and a relaxing staycation (if you will) awaits you.  What if I told you I was talking about Tulalip Resort Casino?

You probably wouldn’t believe me, and in all honesty I couldn’t blame you.  Stick the word Casino on the end of any establishment and mentally most people group it with… well… casinos.  Sleepless nights of nickle slots and 70’s technicolor carpet that stretches as far as the eye can see.  But if you’re thinking this when you think of Tulalip RESORT Casino, you, my friend, could not be more wrong.

LoungeLet’s focus on the word Resort for a moment.  It’s not a casino, it’s a RESORT Casino – huge difference people!!  So while you have the excitement of slots, cards, and gambling, you cannot group Tulalip’s land of fine dining, deluxe accommodations, and first class service in the same boat as your typical casino, unless the boat somehow turned into a glorious 100ft yacht!  Floats like a boat, but sails with lavish style :).

The rooms are to die for!  MAG-NIF-I-CENT.  They’re cozy and clean, flashy and classy all at the same time.  If you’re able to pry yourself out of the bed one could literally melt into – you could venture across the massive bathroom into the shower with not 1 but 3 shower heads!

Tulalip RoomOnce you’re cleaned up, move the party downstairs.  It’s time to take in the many amenities and warm northwest scenery that surrounds you.

Aside from the drinking and mingling available at Mpulse Lounge, and the live entertainment at Canoes Cabaret, there’s the T spa which is plush and relaxing: “Soothe your soul in tranquil serenity and emerge rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed.”  There’s also the Oasis Pool, which is a great place to relax for an hour or two – just in time for dinner, where you’ll find dining options perfect for every budget including: Cedars Cafe ($$), BlackFish ($$$), and Tulalip Bay ($$$$).

Can I talk about Tulalip Bay for a second, are you sick of my raving yet?  Easily some of the best food that will ever grace your tastebuds; simply mouth watering.  With a focus on northwest fare/seafood, the meal is really more of an overall experience.  An experience that starts the minute you enter the calming, candle-lit atmosphere.  Choose from their large selection of fine wines, enjoy the table side flambe’d pineapple palette cleansers, and expect an entree that tastes as beautifully as it’s presented. You’ll be looking at your dining partner with a face that says “Are you kidding me?”  and they won’t be kidding you, it’s the real deal!  This level of fine dining and service is not something you would ever expect to find at a casino.  A hidden gem.  Which again, is why I stress you stop thinking of Tulalip as some dingy old casino and start seeing it for what it is – a wonderful place to staycation.

The perfect staycation is one that doesn’t require any stress to plan or long distances to travel, and after your stay, you feel rested and ready to make the short jaunt home.  If you haven’t put Tulalip Resort Casino in the back of your mind for your next getaway, it’s time to do so.  While some may complain that it’s too far out of the way, I say, that’s the point!

Close enough to home, yet some how just far enough away from it all…  make your reservations today!

Tulalip Casino Exterior

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